The importance of tires rotation

Tires are a very important part of your car, from the safety to overall performance tires plays a great role. As a major part of the car, we give it less attention than it needs and particularly when it comes to rotating it. People can be cautious about their tires being inflated, or their treads but pay very less attention to rotate tires  which is also plays a major part.

So what exactly is tire rotation, it means to change the position of your tires after a period of time. One of the benefits of rotating your tires is that you get a chance of also inspecting their air pressure, their condition, and their tread depth.

Why is rotating your tires important?

 Well, when you are driving a car on the roads, your tires experience different situations like a bump or a pothole, crack, etc. which leads them to eventually wear down from their original position or condition. This may happen that your front tires are less worn out than the back ones or vice versa, so when you have a habit of rotating your tires all the four tires will wear out uniformly and this will give a longer life span to them. This can also help improve traction on roads that are more slippery, makes less noise on the road, and decrease the risk of having an accident by increasing the performance of brake and cornering.

What happens when you don’t rotate your tires?

If you don’t have a habit of rotating your tires it will eventually lead to wear and tears of your treads, which can lead to less traction on the road.

If you don’t rotate your tires, it will lead to one or two of them to wear out more than the others, which can increase the risk of it getting flattened and even in worst case scenario you can experience a blowout and you will end up with an additional emergency tow truck service and changing of the tires with a new one.

 When you should rotate your tires?

It’s best to look at your manual to know when to rotate your tires but on average the tires of a car should be rotated every 5000 miles – 7000 miles.

According to the research, a change of new tires is needed every four to five years, but if you don’t take care of your tires and don’t rotate it often you will have to change it earlier than expected,

It is best or ideal to rotate your tires on every oil change


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